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Aging Or Old Age Makeup Application

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Forget aging gracefully! Using old age makeup, our talented artists will add years to your age in minutes! We have three ways of achieving this look which vary this service in price and application time: theatre age makeup, stretch and stipple and prosthetic appliances.

To learn more about or a quote for our old age makeup application service, please contact us today.

More Info

This service is available in Auckland only. Basic Ageing makeup is available in Wellington & Christchurch (no prosthetics).

From time to time, we might be able to arrange for artists to travel to your city. Travel and accommodation fees where applicable are additional.

Our Old Age Makeup Application Options

The makeup application process depends upon the required results and uses. The three options you can choose from are:

– Theatre Age Makeup

Where we use makeup only, enhancing the model’s natural wrinkles and adding pigmentation sunspots etc. This is our quickest and most popular option.

– Stretch and Stipple

By stippling latex onto the stretched out skin, we create wrinkles which we can then use makeup upon to complete the look. This has a mid-range cost and you should allow at least two hours for application and 30 or more minutes for removal. We can provide a removal kit for you.

– Prosthetic Appliances

We can sculpt, mould, and create custom prosthetics. For this option, please allow 1-2 weeks for development and around 6-8 hours application. This is our most costly option, and is especially suited for film, TV or commercial uses. Depending on the required result, the use of an assistant may be necessary. Price is available upon application and depends on the level of realism required, plus the time and materials used.

Please have images ready to send to us on request of the model/actor and also of the look you want to achieve. Facial hair or bald caps can also be added to any of these options to finish off a look too!


General FAQs

What areas or cities do you cover?

The majority of our team is based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our artists are available for travel NZ wide for a travel fee and we can arrange accommodation too if overnight travel is required for corporate events. During Halloween season there is less of a chance of getting an artist to travel out of our accommodated cities due to high demand.

Can I book the same artist I met at another event?

If they’re available, absolutely! If they’re not available we’ll do our best to move things in order to accomodate you request. Alternatively, we can book from our large pool of artists and will book someone with a similar style and level of experience.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Our online booking system allows bookings four days prior to your event. While we do have a large network of artists available, it is recommended that you book in advance.
In the rare instance, if we are unable to fill your booking request, a full refund will be provided and you will be notified ASAP. For our private clients, we do require full payment prior to confirming a booking.
October through to May is our busy corporate season, so artist availablility might be limited. Please refer to the cancellation and changes terms below.

Why are your services so expensive?

Our artists are priced at industry standard rates, meaning our prices are super competitive amongst other professional companies.
We do offer some premium add-on options, but they are totally optional to make your event experience unforgettable.
Our artists are all self-employed professionals and are re-imbursed accordingly. We are also GST registered so all prices include GST and will be reflected in your invoice.
Our artists contstantly particapate in training workshops and our company constantly offers our artists upskilling options, with their knowledge and skill constantly being taken to the next level.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, all our contract artists are covered under our $2m policy through AIG Insurance. An Insurance certificate can be provided upon request.

Health, Hygiene and Product Info

What about Health, Hygiene and Product Info?

Health and Hygiene is top of our artist’s lists and they are all given correct instructions on and regularly practice sanitization methods. We can provide our business HSE plan for our corporate clients in addition to our site-specific plan for larger events.
We carry baby wipes and hand sanitizer / iso alcohol and use Dettol to keep everything clean and tidy. Brushes are thoroughly rinsed between clients and sterilized and cleaned between parties.

What kind of paints or product do you use?

All paints we use are high quality cosmetics imported from the US and Europe. They are FDA compliant (USA), approved for cosmetic use and water based. Our products are water based cosmetic makeup. We use a range of brands: Wolfe Brothers, Diamond FX, Paradise (which contain aloe, chamomile, avocado and cocoa butter – they smell amazing!), Superstar, Global Colours. All glitter is approved for cosmetic use and safe around eyes.


What about body paint or SFX makeup removal?

A hot shower with water and soap will take off most of the paint. Sometimes it is necessary to use baby wipes, make-up wipes or an old towel too.
Some colours stain some people more than others. In this case, we recommend soaking the skin in shaving cream for 5-10 mins to pull the pigment off. It works a treat on fake blood too!
If pros-aid glue is used you might need some oil (baby/ olive oil etc) to take off the residues. Soaking in a hot bath with oil will take off lots of prosthetic applications or try the methods below:
Use a sponge or brush and Isopropyl Myristate to lift edges gently.
Soak the prosthetic in a layer of remover if the glue is being stubborn.
Carefully work up edges and your piece. Do not rip off skin.
If you want to re-use your piece, use small doses of Isopropyl Alcohol instead. (Myristate will break down your prosthetic piece)

Is heat or sweat a problem for SFX makeup

Profuse sweating is a problem for any makeup. It is recommended to try keep your body temperature cool as much as possible, sweat will loosen any prosthetic’s.


Pricing depends on the amount of hours spent on the project. For Aging Or Old Age Makeup Application makeup please budget a minimum of 50 – 200 hours of labour + material costs. Pricing varies depending on each brief & what area of specialty or expertise is required to complete the project. Please contact us for further info.

Our hourly fee for in-studio work starts from $75 + gst per hour
Our hourly fee for on-set work starts from $115 + gst per hour

If mock-up designs are required for approval prior to work commencing, an hourly design fee will be charged.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Lind

    Great people with awesome communications. I was very happy with the work that was carried out for the pensioner party that i went to. I would recommend The Magic Brush to anyone in need of some special makeup.

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