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Interactive Art Installations

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Live Art Installations are the crème de la crème of corporate event entertainment! Imagine a live, roaming model engaging with your audience, providing your guests with an unforgettable live art experience at your event.

They are also ideal for public spaces and receive a tremendous amount of attention and brand recognition. Our team is here ready to assist you to achieve the highest ROI – contact us to learn more now!

Enjoy watching the process we went through to create our live art interactive installations in the video below!

More Info

This service is availible in Auckland only.

From time to time, we may be able to arrange travel to your site or delivery/freight to your location. Travel and accommodation fees where applicable are additional. Please contact us for more information.

Creating Your Live Art Interactive Installations

Our team at The Magic Brush is focused on creating unforgettable event experiences, in line with your brands values and aesthetics. We can either work together with your events team or work independently to create unique experiences. We will make sure you have creative control and input throughout the process to ensure a stunning piece of artwork.

We can discuss entertainment options to suit your requirements and budget. We can come up with the concept based on your theme or event. We oversee design, build and completion. If we can’t complete it in-house, we collaborate with a range of business with whom we have established relationships to ensure we deliver the highest quality who might specialize in a specific area.

We can also supply talented models, actors and dancers to showcase your interactive artwork too! Our team will customise our service to suit whatever theme or creative ideas you have in mind.

Photos attached are from the 2016 Cuisine Magazine Good Food Awards, sponsored by Kenwood. We created and designed the concept and built the final design.

Live Art Installation Model – on Wooden Base with Fresh Foliage and Macroons from Skewers: Guests were able to interact with the model and pick macroons from her dress. The model was showcasing a Kenwood Hand-mixer product. Foliage was picked fresh the night before and morning of. The final pieces of the installation came together onsite to ensure the highest outcome and the freshest looking foliage.

Photos of Roaming model with Tray of Canapé: Guests were able to interact with this model, picking canapés and hors d’oeuvres  from her dress. This concept could also be translated into a roaming champagne flute holder or cupcake holder.


General FAQs

What costs are invloved for custom jobs?

Our in-studio rates start from $60+ gst per hour.
Our on-set rates start from $115 + gst per hour.
While some materials in our kit are provided, custom jobs would incur additional material fees according to your brief.

In what situations are custom jobs suitable for?

We recommend using our custom design and create service for film, TV, productions, social media/advertising and large events. As everything needs to be custom designed, created and built, prices could vary greatly.

What do you need to get started?

We require a written brief from the client, photos, sketches and supporting image on what you want to achieve an ideal budget so we can set parameters around the design and what we are able to deliver.

What deposits are required?

Custom jobs are invoiced for in advance so we require 100% upfront payment before commencing any work.

Custom Costume Specific

Do I need a design for you to make me a Live Art Installation?

A design does speed up the making process and ensures you are getting exactly what you imagined. However we have in studio designers and artists who are more than happy to design your costume for you!  Additional charges apply for the design service as it requires extra time spent on the pre-production.

What information do you need before making me a Live Art Installation?

Important information we require;
What kind of filming? Film/ TV/Theatre
– What design/character and how detailed/realistic?
– Does the actor need to be able to see / what will he be doing in the installation?
– What kind of budget do you have (as that will determine what can be achieved in in the time, and also how real the final effect will be)
– What are the dimensions
– height / weight is the actor? Or what size do you require?

How long does it take to make a Live Art Installation?

Obviously this depends on the design and what is involved. However an average of 4 weeks lead time is usual, but in case by case basis we can arrange for a quicker lead time.

Can I make changes to the design?

We are happy to keep you updated throughout the process, sending you updated images as we go. You may request changes, however this will add to the overall cost and potentially delay the delivery date.


Pricing depends on the amount of hours spent on the project. For custom builds & Interactive Art Installations please budget a minimum of 50 – 200 hours of labour + material costs. Pricing varies depending on each brief & what area of specialty or expertise is required to complete the project. Please contact us for further info.

Our hourly fee for in-studio work starts from $75 + gst per hour
Our hourly fee for on-set work starts from $115 + gst per hour

If mock-up designs are required for approval prior to work commencing, an hourly design fee will be charged.

2 reviews for Interactive Art Installations

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Bradley

    We contracted the services of The Magic Brush for our client organising the Good Food Awards 2016 at the Auckland Museum. This was celebrating NZ’s best dining and hosted a very high caliber of guest, also inclusive of extensive media coverage. With the inspiring creativity and professional quality of their existing portfolio, I had no hesitation in their fit for this high tier project.

    The entertainment for this event was requested very last minute so I was extremely impressed and comforted at the dedication and time The Magic Brush were able to allocate to make sure this was a complete success. They designed a range of stunning concepts in a matter of days and had the two final pieces created within the week! As a live art installation, the final construction had to be done at the Museum on the day of the event. This pressure was elegantly brushed aside by Sam and her colleague Sani; it was a performance in itself watching them dress the empty outfit frames with fresh leaves and foliage to create the stunning designs you can see in the featured gallery.

    Our clients were over the moon, the guests were amazed and thrilled at the interactivity of the roaming canapé server and the featured podium model hosting the macaroons was photographed to no end. The whole concept for this pre-dinner entertainment was pulled off an absolute treat!

    I would absolutely recommend The Magic Brush team for any project or event, large or small. They were a joy to work with, fantastic communicators, extremely hardworking and ridiculously creative.

    Emily Bradley – The Human Agency

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cathy Horton

    Thanks heaps Sam for all your hard work for the 2016 Cuisine Good Food Awards Installations. You were amazing and pulled it all off!

    Cathy Horton
    Event Sponsorship Manager – Food, Agri; Lifestyle events

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