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Airbrush Kids Tattoos: Ideal for Large Corporate Events

Airbrush Tattoos for Kids – the Ultimate Large Party Entertainment!

Airbrush tattoos for kids are the ultimate queue buster! Quick, efficient and oh so awesome, airbrush tattoos for kids are ideal for large corporate events and private parties. The temporary tattoo inks we use are alcohol based and non-toxic. This means they dry instantly, are water-proof and can last 3-5 days with the right care!

Keep everyone happy and entertained at your party! Book our airbrush tattoo artists today!

More Info

We Offer Over 200+ Generic Temporary Airbrush Tattoos for Kids!

Included within our hourly rate, our range of over 200 tattoo designs are ready to impress everyone. We offer more complex tattoo designs or tattoo “sleeves” for private parties. For larger events, we offer quick smaller tattoos. Our artists are aware that getting through queues as quickly as possible is paramount for customer satisfaction.

Airbrush Tattoos for Kids in Auckland

Our artists can run up to three airbrush guns & colours simultaneously. As our tattoo artists work regularly with large numbers of children, they have excellent time management skills and with simple designs, can work through between 50-60 kids per hour. For a larger tattoo, tattoo sleeve or multiple tattoos per design, we can work with around 20-40 kids per hour.

Airbrushed Tattoos for Children’s Corporate Events

Our team can custom design and cut stencils for your event based on your logo, sporting event or theme. How about custom cutting of your logo and turning it into an airbrushed tattoo? To arrange this, we will need your images supplied as a two colour jpeg, PSD or AI file.  Stencil changes or graphic design services will be charged hourly. They will be quoted for once the images are supplied. We can also transform any 3D image into 2D – we’re magic like that!

All our airbrush set-ups require access to power points. We also include a compulsory 30 min set-up time / fee per artist.

We recommend massaging baby powder into the tattoo every day to prevent excess rubbing. You can easily remove your tattoos with soapy water or exfoliating gloves.

While our team of airbrush tattoo artists are based in Auckland, they are available for travel New Zealand wide. In the unlikely event that we don’t have an available artist in your area, travel can be arranged for an additional fee. We will notify you at the time of confirming the booking. If you would like to discuss specific requirements, please get in touch.

From time to time, we might be able to arrange for artists to travel to the following cities, depending on availability:  Wellington, Waikato, Christchurch, Whangamata, Tairua, Waiheke Island, Gulf Harbour, Orewa, Whangaparoa and Great Barrier Island. Travel + accommodation charges apply.


General FAQs

What areas or cities do you cover?

Airbrushed tattoos is an Auckland based service due to available equipment, however
our artists are available for travel NZ wide for a travel fee and we can arrange accommodation too if overnight travel is required for corporate events.

Can I book the same artist I met at another event?

If they’re available, absolutely! If they’re not available we’ll do our best to move things in order to accommodate you request. Alternatively, we can book from our large pool of artists and will book someone with a similar style and level of experience.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Our online booking system allows bookings four days prior to your event. While we do have a large network of artists available, it is recommended that you book in advance.
In the rare instance, if we are unable to fill your booking request, a full refund will be provided and you will be notified ASAP. For our private clients, we do require full payment prior to confirming a booking.
October through to May is our busy corporate season, so artist availablility might be limited. Please refer to the cancellation and changes terms below.

Why are your services so expensive?

Our artists are priced at industry standard rates, meaning our prices are super competitive amongst other professional companies.
We do offer some premium add-on options, but they are totally optional to make your event experience unforgettable.
Our artists are all self-employed professionals and are re-imbursed accordingly. We are also GST registered so all prices include GST and will be reflected in your invoice.
Our artists contstantly particapate in training workshops and our company constantly offers our artists upskilling options, with their knowledge and skill constantly being taken to the next level.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, all our contract artists are covered under our $2m policy through AIG Insurance. An Insurance certificate can be provided upon request.

Set Up

What do you need in order for set-up?

1x small table and 2x chairs per artist, a gazebo or under-cover away from the sun or wind (if outdoors) and good lighting.
For large or corporate events, please provide queue control. One queue only for all artists of the same type of service is recommended to keep the queue tidy and moving smoothly. For airbrushing, we require access to a power point. If multiple artists are booked, 2-3 artists are able to share a large table.

Do your artists require breaks?

Yes, for bookings over 4 hours, a quick 10 minute refresh and meal break is required.

Do we need to supply adult helpers?

Adult supervision is required at all times as our artists would be focused on child on their seat and their task at hand.

Number of Kids and Artists Required for your Event

How many kids can you accomodate per hour?

Airbrushed tattoos are our most popular option; approx 60 kids per hour. Please refer to the individual service description and select from our options for more information on how many guests can be accommodated for a specific service.

What if I'm having 50 - 100+ children at my event?

Not an issue. We would recommend booking additional artists to reduce queue times. Our artists will bust out quick designs and bring limited options for selection for corporate clients or large events. At private parties, we allow for a more premium experience, with each guest being able to choose multiple stencil designs and colours to create half and full sleeve designs.

Can adults attending the event particapate in your services too?

Yes absolutely! Our services are designed to be enjoyed by everyone young at heart and keen for a bit of fun! We just recommend booking additional time or artists if you would like adults included too. If things get too hectic at large events and queue times are over 30mins, we don’t allow adults to be painted, to ensure the kids have an enjoyable experience.

Health, Safety and Product Info

What about Health and Safety?

Health and Hygiene is top of our artist’s lists and they are all given correct instructions on and regularly practice sanitization methods. We can provide our business HSE plan for our corporate clients in addition to our site-specific plan for larger events. We carry baby wipes and hand sanitizer / iso alcohol and use Dettol to keep everything clean and tidy. Brushes are thoroughly rinsed between clients and sterilized and cleaned between parties.

How do I remove my tattoos?

We recommend using soap and water with a flannel or exfoliating glove as it is a waterproof product designed to last a few days. The ink may leave a slight stain in some cases. If the skin stains, please soak skin in lathered shaving cream for 5-10 mins to remove pigment from skin. We recommend using sunscreen under your tattoos; it acts like a skin barrier and reduces the chances of staining on the skin.


Our generic airbrush tattoo service start at $300.00 incl GST for a 2 hour minimum booking (includes the first 30 minutes as setup)

– Suitable for upto 120 kids in our 2 hour booking (1.5 hours live, first 30mins is set-up)
– additional travel costs apply for locations more than 15km from CBD
– bookings after 5pm incur a 20% surcharge
– clients are also required to provide queue control, pigtails or barriers for large events.
– parking charges are additional unless a car park can be provided for our artists

Bookings are only confirmed once full payment has been made. Upon booking confirmation, our artists schedules are confirmed also.

In the unlikely event that we don’t have an available artist in your area, travel can be arranged for an additional fee. We will notify you of this at the time of your booking and if this is unsuitable, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Please refer to our terms and conditions and cancellation policy

Custom Stencils Cost

Each stencil design is $60 + GST, set-up on software + $25 + GST per “cut” (sizes under A4)


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